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What is a “House Museum”?

Well! A “house museum” is a museum in a former residence which, more often than not, had something to do with what is inside. In this case the home is for a short while longer, the home of Michael and Judith Gibbons and is to be modified a little to allow public access to the handsome residence; the collection of art, furnishings, and historic memorabilia.

Having visited numerous “house museums” which were residences of artists and realizing that all but one of them had to be acquired and reassembled from old photos (if any), notes, and mostly guess work, the Yaquina River Museum of Art is a real plum. The home has neither changed owners and/or fallen into disrepair, and the artist is still living. Even better is the core collection which is sizeable and many of the paintings and drawings are from the artist’s own collection; key pieces put aside and not shown before. You will, I am sure, agree that this is a valuable asset for the region and for the world.


Also Included in the Trust Collection

Paintings by:

Sculptures by:

  • Martin Eichinger
  • Nano Lopez
  • Julian Morillo
  • Mark de Graffeureid

michael gibbons galleryRich in local history and nestled among forested hills, Toledo is a community in transition forging itself into main street Americana. Hosting yearly Art Walks, Wednesday Markets, Antique Shows, and numerous holiday pageants, the City comes alive with activity. The addition of the Yaquina River Museum of Art to the City Campus is a welcomed surprise.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Yaquina River Museum of Art is to preserve, make public and promote an appreciation of the artistic expressions of the dedicated accomplished artists who have drawn their inspiration from the land and people of the Yaquina River watershed, and to honor their patrons.

Board of Directors

Steve Wilson
Chairman of the Board

Michael Gibbons

Judith Gibbons

Gregg Harrison

Casey McEneny
Maxine Moodie
Richard Nichols

Board of Advisors

Geri Adams
Simon Adams
Robert Braddy
Gary Chapman
Frank Geltner
Kimberley Speer Miller
Jim Ruggeri
Vickie Steen
Robert William Smith
Paulette Visceglia
Ron Williams
Ruth McDonald
Brian Flannery
Brenda Brown
Sue Valentine
Doug Wills


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